Sathya Swaroopini Ma
> Sai Prema Swaroopini Ma
(Param) Aanandha Dayini Hrudaya Viharini
> Parthi Nivaasini Ma
Vighna Vinashini, Bhava Bhaya Harini
> Kalika Paalini Ma
Hey Tribhuvana Dharini Mangala Karini
> Moksha Pradaayini Ma
(Param) Aanandha Daayini Hrudaya Viharini
> Parthi Nivaasini Ma

Mother Sai, embodiment of truth and love; Blissful, compassionate mother, she dwells within the heart and as Mother Sai she resides in Puttaparti; Remover of obstacles and destroyer of worldly fears, Goddess Kali the protector; Bearer of the three worlds, the giver of auspiciousnes and granter of liberation; Blissful, compassionate mother, Mother Sai who resides in Puttaparti.